How to Subscribe


Drop us an email/message with the details and range you are looking to subscribe - Gourmet Cooked or Raw. Please note that our subscription service considers a 'month' as 4 weeks to allow for a more efficient service. 

For all new subscriptions, we will schedule you in for the earliest available delivery slot. We recommend customers to submit a week in advance to the required delivery date to avoid running out of food.


1) Your Name

2) Dog's Name(s)

3) Email Address

4) Contact Number

5) Frequency of deliveries (E.g. Once a 'month')

6) Flavour(s) and quantity per flavour needed for every 'month' 

(We will split the order if you require more than 1 delivery)

If you would like to do a rotation, please specify the different flavour and quantity to be delivered every 'month'. We will repeat the order for customers on continuous subscriptions (e.g. 'month 1': Pork, Beef', 'month 2': Duck, Salmon)


After receiving your form, we will provide a delivery date for your confirmation. Your submission will be processed and the first invoice will be sent to your email for credit/debit card payment.


Once the first payment has been received, your subscription will be activated. The subsequent invoices are scheduled to be sent a few days prior to the next payment due date.

Delivery will be scheduled according to the dates on your invoices. Please refer to the FAQ below for more details

  • Who is this for and what is the minimum order?

    Our subscription plans are designed for customers that would like to order a steady supply of food for their dogs with pre-scheduled deliveries. We recommend ordering a sample quantity online to let your dog(s) try before hopping on to our subscription service! Minimum order per month is $20.

  • How long is the subscription and what are the benefits?

    Minimum subscription period is 3 months. Customers can opt to repeat their subscription and convert it to a continuous subscription service. Some customers opt to have a fixed menu with a variety of flavours while others prefer a rotation.

    Our subscription service provides a hassle free way to ensure that your dog(s) have a steady supply of food. You'll be able to get more variety for the same or a cheaper price. Larger orders will get to enjoy a better pricing tier.

    E.g.  Online bulk order - 25 trays of pork @ $89.20. Subscription - 15 Pork + 10 Pork Salmon @ $89.20.

  • Can I customize the meals?

    Selections are up to your dog's preference. Everything on our shop page is available on subscription, mix and match as you'd like.


    If you would like to change anything or get a custom order, please let us know and we will work something out for you!

  • Payment

    Monthly payments will be scheduled and the invoice will be sent to your email. The invoice will have a link for payment via credit card. 

    Bark Craft Pte. Ltd. reserves the rights to not deliver the order if payment has not been made

  • Delivery

    Once we have the first delivery date (selected by you) , the rest of the delivery dates will be scheduled for every 4 weeks starting from that date.


    If you require more than 1 delivery per month, please indicate in the form and we will schedule accordingly. Regular delivery terms apply  ->  Delivery FAQ

  • What if I forget about my scheduled deliveries?

    As part of the subscription service, a reminder will be sent to you before your scheduled delivery

    Please note that a redelivery fee of $10 may apply if the delivery has to be rescheduled without prior notice (24 hours advance). The next earliest delivery slot available will be offered.

  • Changes in delivery dates will require 24 hours notice  ->  Delivery FAQ

    Changes in flavours will require at least 3 days notice to ensure that we can fulfil and deliver your order on the required date

  • Going overseas?

    We can deliver the food to your sitter's location upon request (24 hours) or if you would like to reschedule for a date after your trip,  just drop us a message/whatsapp with the date you'd like to change to!

  • Please give us 3 days advance notice for cancellation of non-customised subscription, one week for customised subscription. Refund will be provided for any unfulfilled paid orders.

  • To Note

    We understand that your dog's feed requirements can change and we would be happy to accommodate to the changes. However to ensure efficiency, customers should not overload their monthly order which will result in constant postponing of delivery dates. In this situation, we will contact you to adjust your order to the amount that your dog(s) needs.

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