How to Subscribe


Drop us an email/message with the details and range you are looking to subscribe - Gourmet Cooked or Raw. Please note that our subscription service considers a 'month' as 4 weeks to allow for a more efficient service. 

For all new subscriptions, we will schedule you in for the earliest available delivery slot. We recommend customers to submit a week in advance to the required delivery date to avoid running out of food.


1) Your Name

2) Dog's Name(s)

3) Email Address

4) Contact Number

5) Frequency of deliveries (E.g. Once a 'month')

6) Flavour(s) and quantity per flavour needed for every 'month' 

(We will split the order if you require more than 1 delivery)

If you would like to do a rotation, please specify the different flavour and quantity to be delivered every 'month'. We will repeat the order for customers on continuous subscriptions (e.g. 'month 1': Pork, Beef', 'month 2': Duck, Salmon)


After receiving your form, we will provide a delivery date for your confirmation. Your submission will be processed and the first invoice will be sent to your email for credit/debit card payment.


Once the first payment has been received, your subscription will be activated. The subsequent invoices are scheduled to be sent a few days prior to the next payment due date.

Delivery will be scheduled according to the dates on your invoices. Please refer to the FAQ below for more details

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