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 Smarter, Healthier, Grain-Free Pet Food 

 Delivered to Your Doorstep 

Experience the Power of Real Pet Food

Pets in Singapore are considered family. However, where you might eat a fresh, balanced diet, pet food is often highly processed. At Bark Craft, we’re changing this. We put the food back in pet food, by giving pets in Singapore access to the same wholesome nutrition as humans.

Even Better Than Belly Rubs

Diet cures more than a vet can. Granting your furry family access to fresher whole food can help prevent several chronic health problems. This is why we send tails wagging with freshly made, grain-free pet food!


Gourmet Cooked Meals (Tested on Real Humans)

Guided by real science, Bark Craft dog food recipes contain zero artificial flavors, zero colourings, and zero additives. Our pet supplies are simply delivered 100% as nature intended. Made from Human-Grade ingredients 

Dog Food Singapore & You

Like you, we love our furry family members. However we often have a hectic schedule. Most Singaporeans know that kibble and canned food isn’t pet-friendly but at the same time preparing pet food at home can be time-consuming.


Our home delivery service changes this!

Bark Craft's meals on wheels service delivers ready-to-serve cooked & raw food starting at just $3.60 per day



Single Protein Meals

Great Variety,

A Different Flavour



Better Digestion

and Absorption


Joint/Skin/Coat Health,

Supports Immune System

Human-Grade, Hormone

& Antibiotic Free

(as per AVA)

Locally Made

in Our Certified Canine Feed Kitchen 





Gourmet Cooked dog food recipes

15 Mouthwatering flavours

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